Question 1. Does LRM operate in my State?


LRMpro (sister company to LRM) was started to meet the needs of law firms nationwide. Contact us today to find out the types of services we can offer your firm.

Question 2. Can anyone join LRM?


Our subscriber base is very limited in each state so as to not dilute the effectiveness of our services. Contact us today to find out if we have any available slots in your state.

Question 3. How much does it cost to become a subscriber?

The cost of our services depends on several factors.

  • The amount of Eminent Domain projects in your state.
  • The number of attorneys in your firm.
  • The extent of our custom tailored services your firm requires.
Question 4. What are the types of services your company provides?

Here is a list of services that LRM provides, but is not limited to.

  • Design & production of marketing materials
  • Identification of projects involving the use of Eminent Domain.
  • Printing & mailing your bar approved materials.
  • Setting up marketing campaigns to suit your firm's needs & abilities.
  • Access to our proprietary client management system to help manage your increased case load.
  • Analysis of your firm's intake & follow up systems.
  • Target Marketing / Maximizes your time.
  • Web Design / From constructing new sites to making existing sites more Eminent Domain friendly.