About Us

LRM is for firms that have a long-term commitment to expanding their client base. Our highly sophisticated targeted marketing options and client and potential client management systems help accomplish that goal and deliver a strong return on investment. One firm on its own cannot fully devote the time and substantial resources needed to develop and maintain such a sophisticated, comprehensive, and effective marketing system that includes graphic design, printing and mailing services, and a top-notch, full-time professional staff. LRM can do as much or as little as your firm requires to stay ahead of competition and deliver your clients and your potential clients the best possible representation. LRM strictly limits the number of Subscribers in each State to assure that our Subscribers' marketing advantage is not diluted.

Justin Barnes

Fusing his experience in real estate, marketing, and business development, Justin founded LRM in 2011. Since its inception, he has guided the LRM team in the timely design and implementation of custom marketing strategies focused on delivering exceptional ROI.


Raymond Lamb

In addition to being with the company since its inception, Raymond is the overall Director of IT Operations at LRM as well as the overseer of daily production at the office. With his course work from Georgia Southern University in the areas of Civil Engineering and Computer Information Systems, it has given him a strong background to excel at LRM.


Cathy Newman

Prior to joining LRM in 2017, Cathy served as Executive Director of Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA), a national association of condemnation attorneys dedicated to the defense of private property owners threatened by eminent domain.


Hayden LaTulip

Hayden obtained her Master of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University in May of 2014. She joined the LRM team in January 2015 with several years’ experience in customer service. Hayden creates marketing plans that are custom tailored to each client’s needs, assists with any questions or concerns clients may have regarding overall marketing strategies, and oversees mailroom operations and inventory.

Bryan Geddie

After graduating from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Communications, Bryan joined the LRM team and quickly found a place in our mapping department. Bryan also manages 80% of our day to day customer service requests.