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Mailing Services

LRM Mailing Services

LRM doesn’t just offer a list of names and maps, but a direct mail marketing campaign as well. From creation to mailing, LRM can assist you with your Bar approved marketing materials.

Our mailing department can design a customized marketing letter, while LRM’s graphic design team can replicate your firm's letter head down to the smallest detail. By using the LRM database of project information, the mailing department will create mailings for our client’s using their search preferences. Our printing services include Mail Merge using the project information, postage application, sorting, printing, folding, inserting and mailing of your Bar approved materials. LRM knows that a well-executed direct mail marketing campaign can result in a positive response rate and help increase your firm’s clientele. Our direct mailing services allow your firm to communicate directly with potential condemnees. From the ground up, LRM is the solution to all of your marketing needs.