Project Identification

LRM Project Identification

LRM conducts extensive research to identify ongoing and future projects involving state governments, counties, airports, water management districts, railroads, transmission lines, etc.

On average, hundreds of public records requests are made monthly in order to obtain information on newly identified projects and keep the LRM database updated with the most current information available for each project already identified. Each project is consistently updated at key phases and milestones of its life cycle. Such phases include, but are not limited to, preliminary development, design, right of way, appraisals, negotiations, and the initiation of acquisitions. Subscribers have access to alerts that tell them when newly identified information has become available regarding specific projects. Information that may become available includes public information meeting dates, selected alternative routes, funding information, and schedule changes. Research conducted at LRM is customized towards a client’s needs. We define projects based on geographic location, budget, and impact. LRM also has the ability to identify projects that will not only impact real property but also result in business damages. Extensive research may also be conducted to find specific types of impacts within individual projects to further meet a subscriber's client preference.