LRM Mapping Services

LRM subscribers have access to an in house mapping department that provides maps of projects and parcels that may be affected by the potential use of eminent domain.

In addition to the provision of maps, the mapping department identifies potentially affected property owners, highlights their affected parcel(s), and identifies the type of take made by the condemning authority.

The mapping department processes the most current project maps which include, but are not limited to, Project Development & Environmental Studies, concept plans, Pond Site Reports, and Right of Way Maps. Once maps are processed, the types and amount of property takes are identified to subscribers, which may include easements, whole takes, pond sites, and business takings.

After parcel impacts are identified additional impacts such as businesses damages are identified and are cross referenced with the Secretary of State’s corporation search engine. This ensures that the registered agent or manager of the business is informed of their business’ potential impact.

The highlighted maps provided to LRM subscribers are easily accessible through the LRM database and can be quickly pulled up on various electronic devices in and outside the office to help educate potential clients, in a matter of seconds, as to how a certain project might impact their property. As changes to the take are made by the condemning authority, subscribers are updated and provided new maps which reflect these changes. At the subscriber's request, additional map customizations can be made for client presentations.