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By using LRM’s constantly updated database, your firm will benefit by having the information you need readily available and eliminating staff hours spent on research.

LRM understands that when marketing Eminent Domain, timing is everything. This is why we continuously update our proprietary database, providing this data to our Subscribers as soon as it becomes available. Our public records staff submits hundreds of public records requests per month searching for new, funded eminent domain projects, while our mapping department ensures that the newest right of way and parcel maps are always just a click away. LRM focuses on obtaining virtually every Eminent Domain qualified project in your state using potential client information and industry knowledge, and compiling all information on those projects available.

From the moment you become a Subscriber, we will attend to all of your research and marketing needs. By using the LRM project database, we are confident that your implementation of our program will place you miles ahead of your competition.