Website Services

Even though the vast majority of law firms have websites, most of them fall short of what they are supposed to accomplish. Many of these websites are no more informative or persuasive than is a business card. LRM’s Comprehensive Internet Marketing Service (CIMS) doesn’t just address Search Engine Optimization; it touches on many other internet marketing strategies such as Lead Generation. Our CIMS not only retrieves your website from the far corners of the internet, thus increasing traffic, but also helps transform this increased traffic into new clients. Our exclusive focus on the legal profession differentiates us from most other internet marketing consultants. Our team’s experience in dealing extensively with medium and large, well-regarded law firms enables us to think like your clients. We know how to implement effective strategies which take into account the legal and ethical considerations specific to the legal profession. When you select LRM’s CIMS, it’s like having a full time in-house marketing team without the overhead. One of the members of our team will be assigned as your contact so that you only have to deal with one person who will become intimately familiarized with your needs and your overall marketing strategy. When you enroll for this service, we will immediately schedule an in depth telephone/video conference where we will discuss your specific needs and objectives. In this manner, we can provide you with overall recommendations as to how to effectively reach your particular objectives. Once you approve our preliminary work plan, we will follow up with a detailed report outlining our customized marketing strategies we propose to employ, provide you with a realistic timeline so that you know what to expect, and schedule bi-monthly meetings to review both our progress to date as well as our activity pipeline.

Our Internet Marketing Service includes:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Advanced customized content
  • Strategic intra-site linking
  • Social Media creation and optimization
  • An Internet Marketing expert dedicated to your project
  • Monthly calls and customized reports to ensure your customized campaign remains up-to-date and effective
  • Call tracking which gives your firm a unique phone number for use on your website so you can accurately measure just how much business your site is bringing in

We invite you to join our existing long-term clients who are rapidly growing their practices by using our services. Contact us today to get started positioning yourself and your firm as the leading law firm in your field of practice.

Custom Features

Are you an authority in your field?

A well designed and informative blog has many benefits and should be an essential tool in every attorney’s and law firm’s marketing arsenal.

Blog Authoring Services

As a seasoned attorney, we are certain that you understand the immense value of having your own blog and how it will directly impact your bottom line.

Have you Googled your name lately?

Your online reputation follows you from law firm to law firm and throughout your entire career. Your clients will, more than likely, research your online reputation.



Technology changes and an ever increasing number of people are conducting online searches using portable devices. Some critical questions to ask yourself include the following: Is my website mobile friendly? Does my marketing allow me to position myself ahead of my competition? Am I standing out from the more than a million attorneys in the US? LRM provides custom website development options that will enable your law firm to develop a dominant online presence and position itself as the leader in its field of practice. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing website or design an entirely new one, our team of website technicians and marketing experts will combine your input with our years of experience to create a cutting edge website that is as esthetically pleasing as it is functional, automatically optimizing its appearance for the multitude of screen sizes that your potential clients are presently using.

Limitless Design

  • Revise your website as many times as needed during the design process
  • Create your own timeline for the websites’ development
  • Achieve maximum efficiency and impact with our integrated tools
  • Add as many graphics as needed to create the company image you want to convey

Unrivaled Set of Legal Specific Marketing Tools

  • Engage site visitors with our interactive site tools, which include our innovative E-Newsletter system, Integrated Blogging, and Online Forms and Click to Call Technology.
  • Resonate with clients, colleagues and site visitors with use of our content library.

Cutting Edge Search Engine Optimization

  • Dominate search results in one or several of the top positions
  • Continuous optimization assures that you retain your top position(s) in search results
  • Benefit from our dynamic platform which optimizes each page you add through the Site Manager to ensure that EVERY page on your site is equipped for optimal exposure

We are your private marketing team

  • You will have unlimited access to our team of experts during and after the development phase.
  • One on one training guarantees that you will be able to effortlessly update your site when and where you want.

Give your practice the leading edge and contact us today to find out how LRM Pro is helping our clients expand their practices by acquiring new clients at unprecedented rates.